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Real Estate Agent Partnerships (REAPs)

REAP reap (rp)
v. reaped, reap·ing, reaps
1. To obtain as a result of effort:

Realtors who STAGE their listings REAP large profits for their clients.

Other Helpful LINKS

Information regarding home staging services, careers & the association

Consumer protection; ethic guidelines for real estate agents and Realtors

Allows consumers to view properties real estate agents and or Realtors have sold and what their clients say about the services they received.

Provides consumers quick, anonymous estimates of home values based on county & other data. It is a great barometer for judging a home’s worth.

Provides information about neighborhoods, schools, local parks, restaurants, dry cleaners, nightclubs, & etc. surrounding a particular home.

Home. Life. Ideas.

National Association of Professional Organizers


National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization

Works to improve the lives of people with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder through education, advocacy and support.

Consumer resource for articles, tips and fresh ideas relevant to organizing.

A resource that encourages behavioral expectations at home and at work

A comprehensive web based organizing one-stop-shop

Shop for storage and organizing solutions…

Takes a hard look at Americans passion for shopping; exposes the problems of over consumption and effects on society and environment.
Learning more is the first step to feeling good

Expert (non-commercial) information on mental health & lifelong wellness

35 years of publishing legal & business books, forms & software for the do-it-yourselfers, easy to understand

Clear instruction on how to do (just about) anything

Disaster Service

Senior citizen focused

North San Diego County Assoc of Realtors

Vista Community Clinic

Direct Buy

See why thousands of people choose Direct Buy for their home improvement needs.

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